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Our Elmhurst Dentists Helps Patients Achieve Healthy Smiles After Sustaining Dental Damage

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dental damage is never fun to deal with—there are a number of aesthetic and functional dental issues that pop up when your smile is damaged. So, while dealing with oral health problems is never going to be fun, per say, our Elmhurst dentists are here to make it as stress-free as possible. Keep reading to learn more about how we address dental damage with state-of-the-art solutions.

Dental damage can take many forms; you may find that your tooth or gum tissues become infected, that your enamel is fractured, or that you lose adult teeth unexpectedly. The first step to any restorative treatment process is to undergo a thorough evaluation with our dental team. Once we completely assess your oral health, we can start to make personalized recommendations on how you can achieve oral health again.

If you’re dealing with severe damage—that is damage that extends into the core of the tooth—you may require root canal therapy in order to restore your tooth. The purpose of root canal therapy is to remove the infected and damaged material at the core of the tooth. We’re basically trying to preserve any healthy dentin and dental enamel so that we can fill and restore the tooth.

When it’s time to rebuild your tooth, you’ll likely benefit form a customized dental crown. Every crown is designed to mimic the natural shape, color, and size of your real teeth, so once the crown is in place, it blends in seamlessly with your smile. In our office, we use completely metal-free crowns and restorations. We believe that this is the healthy and attractive choice when it comes to dental restorations.

Because every one of our patients is unique, every restorative dental plan is likewise individualized. The best way to get a better idea of how you can restore your smile is to call our Elmhurst dentists and schedule a personal consultation. 

Our Elmhurst Dentists Have Some Back To School Dental Tips For Young Students

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It’s that time of year again; many of our young patients are gearing up to go back to school! Our Elmhurst dentists have some tips on how you can help the students in your life care for their smiles this year. Keep reading to learn more!

As you get back into the school year routine, make sure that your student is brushing their teeth every morning. Too often, when things get busy, we rush through this step. But, remember, we should be brushing our teeth for at least two minutes every time that we brush. Make it a point to build these two minutes into your morning routine every single morning.

Another thing to consider is what your child is packing for lunch every day. We all know that sugary foods can harm a healthy smile, so you’ll want to keep these to a minimum in your child’s lunch box. There are also some foods that can help boost your oral health: namely crunchy veggies. So, when you include some carrot or celery sticks in your student’s lunch, you’re boosting whole-body wellbeing as well as dental health.

One of the best things that your child can do for his or her smile is perhaps one of the simplest: drink plenty of water throughout the day. When we drink water, we help to flush away plaque and dental debris. Simultaneously, water helps to prompt saliva production, and saliva further neutralizes bacteria and strengthens enamel. Encourage your student to drink water rather than sipping on sugary drinks, and make sure they’re taking plenty of trips to the water fountain during the day.

As always, our Elmhurst dentists are here to give you more guidance and information about helping your child care for his or her smile. The best way to reach us is to give our office a call, or use the Contact Us page on our site to submit an inquiry.

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