Learn More About How Our Elmhurst Dentists Customize Crowns And Restorations

When it comes time to restore your smile after dental damage, you want to make sure that you’re receiving treatment that truly meets your needs. In general, customization of treatment is crucial to ensure positive results as well as restoration longevity. Today, our Elmhurst dentists are giving you some more information about the restorative treatment process, and the steps we take to personalize them for patients.

If one of your teeth is damaged due to infection or accident, our team will work to restore it in such a way that both looks great, and functions optimally for you.

After we clear away the damaged material, we’ll be able to shape your teeth to prep it for a restoration. Once your tooth is prepped, we’ll take an impression, so that we can craft the crown to fit securely on the tooth.

We’ll then design your crown to mimic your natural tooth shape. If you take a look at your smile in the mirror, you might notice that your teeth are more rounded, or that they have sharper angles. We’re all individuals, and our teeth are no different! Our dental team will use your existing teeth as guidelines when shaping your crown.

Another crucial component of designing a restoration is ensuring that it is properly sized. A poorly sized crown can alter the patient’s bite, leading to enamel thinning and damage, as well temporomandibular joint problems. When designing our patients’ crowns we make sure that the restoration works harmoniously with the patient’s oral maxillofacial structure as a whole.

Finally, every restoration is shaded to match the patient’s natural dental enamel shade. Here’s the thing: dental crowns do not change color in response to teeth whitening treatments. So, if you want to lighten any of your natural teeth, it’s best to do this before we place your crown. This way, we’ll be able to shade your restoration to match your newly whitened tooth shade.

The sooner that you’re able to seek restorative treatment after suffering dental damage, the better your long-term oral health prognosis will be. You can always call our Elmhurst dentists to get more information about restorative care, and to schedule your personal consultation with our team. Don’t settle for one-size-fit-all dental crowns!

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